Vision, mission & values

Our philosophy

Our corporate philosophy is based on: perseverance, organization, methodicalness and integrity. Our main goal is to achieve mutual trust with our customers & suppliers. For the last fifteen years we have been investing significantly in the specialization in the field of distribution with a sense of responsibility, complete information and immediacy in service.


The customer-centric philosophy of the company characterizes its historical course and its commercial expansion. It is based on the acceptance and trust it receives from its ever-expanding customer base. Always aiming for:

*In the immediate service of our customers
* In solving technical problems
* In staff training
* In the quality of products and services provided
* In providing complete solutions

And all these, always taking into account the evaluation of our customers through evaluation procedures (questionnaires). We make our decisions based on the future continuity of our company. We achieve this with:

* Good economic indicators
* Quality and innovative products
* Respect for the environment
* Investing in human resources
* Optimization and not maximizing profits
* Investments in technology and infrastructure
* Investments in building installations
* Own fleet

Our goal remains to offer our customers quality products and services.

Our vision

The consolidation of the company in the consciousness of the customers as a leader in the distribution of electrical equipment in Greece and in all the countries where the POWERZ group operates. That is why we work intensively, we are constantly updated, providing complete solutions, prompt delivery and the best possible prices for our customers. Always taking care of the best conditions for both the human resources and the social environment in which we operate.